Experienced team of blockchain entrepreneurs, mixing business and crypto experiences.

Mobile payment apps have become second nature to the millennial lifestyle. Gone are the days of writing a check or having to run to the ATM to pay back a friend. Now you simply open your favorite app, enter your buddy’s user address and hit send. Unfortunately these apps are not all they’re cracked up to be. They are unsafe and can be hacked, leading to a loss of funds. We at LootUp are changing this.

By using the blockchain as our engine, we are making mobile payments safe and secure to use. We realize that cryptocurrency is confusing for most people. Cryptocurrency is the way of the future but no one has simplified it for the average user. LootUp makes crypto simple—in fact you don’t even really need to think about it as crypto. Think of LootUp as a normal payment app, but better.



Experienced team of Blockchain entrepreneurs, mixing business and crypto experiences.

Justin Wai'au
Justin Wai'auCEO & Founder
Project Manager, experienced Blockchain Entrepreneur and Business Leader with extensive project management experience. Co Founder of the LGCY Network.
Wes Wade
Wes WadeTeam Manager
10 Years of Leadership and Project Management experience across diverse sectors. Co Founder of LGCY Network.
Craig Mackie
Craig MackieBusiness Development Manager
25 Years of Executive Level Marketing & Commercial Experience in Senior Leadership Roles.
Alan Crawley
Alan CrawleyBusiness Advisor
Alan Crawley has 25+ years in financial markets as a former executive at Timber Hill/Interactive Broker.
Tim Roelofs
Tim RoelofsDigital Advisor
Digital Marketeer and Growth Hacker. 8 years of experience in various of branches and roles.
Umair Hussain
Umair HussainArt Director
Graphic Designer & Art Director. Involved in several blockchain start-ups.